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Dan is Development Director for Frostburg Grows (FG) and also serves as Sustainability Liaison with FSU. Dan is involved with grant writing, local and regional partnerships, composting, the native tree nursery, working with FG AmeriCorps members and more.

Dan says, “I love how we work together as a team and how we design and build systems from scratch and on the fly. Each day is a new set of challenges, and as an inter-disciplinary group, we generate ideas to solve any challenge and achieve any function we need. It is an exciting and creative adventure with this gang!”

Food has been a major theme in Dan’s life. His first real job in 1982 was in a natural foods grocery store, and he next served on the board of directors for the Durham (NC) Food Co-op. He returned to his family’s farm in Allegany County MD in 1992-1993 to create an organic veggie CSA farm with his two brothers. He studied human and non-human food webs during his PhD research on ecological networks…and since 2012, Frostburg Grows. Funny invisible food thread he has been following all these years.

Dan lives in LaVale with his wife, Tracy, and sons Sean and Cole. They often visit Bailey and Jeff in North Carolina and love to spend time with grandbaby Amelia. Under the pseudonym Fan Discus, Dan plays ultimate Frisbee, and he also loves soccer, hiking, fishing, guitar and songwriting, and poetry. He has written articles in ecosystem ecology, theoretical ecology and sustainability, and a book he co-authored comes out in July, 2015 titled “Flourishing Within Limits to Growth: Following Nature’s Way”.