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Corey Armstrong

FG Program Director


Corey is a landscape architect, designer, instructor, local business owner, writer, and program director at Frostburg Grows. Corey works on many aspects of the FG project and enjoys connecting with local farmers, business owners and members of the community to help build the local food network.

“Growing up in a big Italian family, the days were often centered around food and food preparation,” Corey says. “Agriculture and growing food is so vital, and it’s great to learn new, and old traditions when it comes to sharing these experiences and eating together. Just add music and you have all that you need.”

Corey’s professional experience is in design, construction, project management and working with a variety of plants. Corey is an outdoor-lover, gardener, fly-fisherman, wood-fire pizza maker, and plays guitar & mandolin. Corey’s family has a 350 acre farm just outside of Frostburg where he lives with his wife and 4 daughters.